joanne parker robertson

About Me

I love art and design, creating visual imagery in a multitude of mediums, and choosing the most appropriate form to express an idea. I received a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in 1991, or what was called “Multimedia” in those days. My creative energy is fueled by the challenge of finding a visual language which draws the viewer in, opening up new insights into life and the world around us. I have worked in the video game industry as an artist, designer and inventor on the cutting edge of new technologies in augmented and virtual reality, and studied with old masters in more traditional mediums, such as printmaking, painting and sculpture. I have created and cofounded four creative entertainment companies in Vancouver and Victoria. My strengths are in dreaming the impossible, and realizing those dreams: be it a sculpture, print, designing spaces and technology for experiences, creating a virtual environment, or educating and raising awareness of important social and environmental issues. I believe in the power of creativity, storytelling, and having passion in ones work.

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